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Cuts & Pricing


A typical 'half' of beef will weigh around 300 pounds, a whole is around 600 pounds. Of that, about 60-65% will be meat that is packaged, so you will recieve around 180-200 pounds for the half and around 400 pounds for the whole.

Sides of beef will be available in October and November. Boxlots and Individual Cuts are available year round at our farm store.

A normal distribution is about half steaks and roasts and half hamburg, if you want more hamburg that can be arranged.

Information for sides & individual cuts:
Hover cursor over Cut name for a short description
Ground BeefGround BeefGround Beef
  • Hamburger made only from round beef is referred to as ground round which is considered the leanest at 90% or slightly less
  • Hamburger made only from chuck is referred to as ground chuck is usually 80 to 85% lean
  • Templeton Farm hamburger is approximately 90% lean
$6.75 per pound
Prime RibPrime RibPrime RibPrime Rib- is also a cooking term. Standing rib roast or whole bone in rib roast are the cuts used when making a prime rib.$15.50 per pound
SirloinSirloin TipSirloin TipNEED DESC Sirloin Tip - also sometimes referred to as round tip roast, has a tasty mild flavor, nice lean oven roast which slices easily.$6.75 per pound
Top RoundTop RoundTop RoundTop Round- cut from the hind quarter, tends to be leaner, use for roasts, round steaks are lower end steak cuts, cook slow and low for a longer time$7.50 per pound
Eye of the RoundEye of the RoundEye of the RoundEye of the Round Roast- very flavorful, leanest and most tender of all roasts.$7.50 per pound
Chuck & ShoulderChuck & ShoulderChuck & ShoulderChuck or Pot Roast- good for stew or as a roast, classic stew meat. Best for slow-cooking in a crock pot, braising or in stews. $7.50 per pound
Bottom RoundBottom RoundBottom RoundBottom Round- Similar to a top round, 1st choice use for roasts, 2nd for stews, 3rd as a steak. $7.50 per pound
BrisketBrisketBrisketBrisket- very flavorful cut of meat, best suited for slow roasting, braising and barbecuing.$7.50 per pound
TenderloinTenderloinTenderloinTenderloin Steak- also known as a Filet Mignon is the tenderest beef cut with a mild beef flavor, lean, cook only on medium heat, some chefs’ wrap in bacon when cooking.19.50 per pound
NY Strip SteakNY Strip SteakNY Strip SteakNew York strip steak- is a deboned t-bone, also known as a Kansas City or Top Loin Steak a favorite among steak-eaters.$14.75 per pound
Rib SteakRib SteakRib SteakRib Eye & Rib Steak- is also a high end steak, is one of the most flavorful and juicy steaks. If the bone is removed it is referred to as a Delmonico Steak, with the bone in it is referred to as a Rib-Eye Steak which is one of the best grilling steaks.$13.00 per pound
Delmonico, Rib EyeDelmonico, Rib EyeDelmonico, Rib EyeDelmonico, Rib Eye Steak- is the same as the Rib Steak, but with the bone removed.$15.00 per pound
T-Bone, PorterhouseT-Bone, PorterhouseT-Bone, PorterhouseT-Bone and Porterhouse Steak- are the same cut with two different names; king of all steaks combines the strip and tenderloin into one cut, very flavorful and tender.$13.00 per pound
Top SirloinSirloinSirloinSirloin & Sirloin Tip Steak- naturally lean, robust beef flavor, mid range steak, nice grilling steak.$10.50 per pound
Sirloin Tip / Tri TipSirloin TriTipSirloin Tip / Tri TipSirloin & Sirloin Tip Steak- naturally lean, robust beef flavor, mid range steak, nice grilling steak.$9.50 per pound
Flat IronFlat IronFlat IronFlat Iron Steak- Combines the tenderness of a rib eye or NY strip steak while having the earthy flavor of a sirloin or skirt steak$10.50 per pound
FlankFlankFlankFlank Steak- Good lean cut, treat or cook like a skirt steak$10.50 per pound
Stew Beef$6.75 per pound
Heart, Tongue & Liver$4.00 per pound
Short Ribs$5.00 per pound
Shin Steak$4.50 per pound
Kabobs$6.75 per pound
Dog Bones$3.00 per pound
Oxtail$6.00 per pound
10# 50/50 beefsteak/burger barbecue box$105.00
20# 50/50 beefsteak/burger barbecue box$205.00
10# burger box$67.50
20# burger box$135.00
Festive gift box: Steak, burger & maple syrup$55.00
30 or 50 Pound Assorted Packages
25% steaks, 25% roasts & 50% hamburg30# $270.00
25% steaks, 25% roasts & 50% hamburg50# $450.00
By The Half*
Approximately 250-300 lbs.$5.75 per pound
By The Whole*
Approximately 500-600 lbs.$5.75 per pound
*Need to Preorder, $350.00 deposit for halves & whole

Our sides of beef are becoming very popular. To order a side of beef we ask for a $350.00 deposit in advance of pickup this fall. A true local food bargain at $5.75 per pound.

You can choose steak thickness, roast package size in pounds and hamburger package size, usually between one and three pound packages. If you would like anything else specific that can be arranged.

Check out our Ordering Details page for more details and ordering information.