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Beef Fact Sheet


Grass Fed Beef Purchaser's Fact Sheet:
  • Our beef is local, hormone-free, humanely raised and slaughtered. This beef is much leaner and more healthy for you than feed lot, grain-fed beef at the supermarket.
  • Beef is processed at Northeast Kingdom Processing in Lyndonville, Vermont, which is a USDA certified facility. This is a new, state of the art, humane meat processing center that we have been very pleased with.
  • Whole and sides of beef will be available in the fall. 10 to 50 pound box lots and individual cuts of beef are available year round at our farm store. We try and carry a good variety of all cuts. To order and pickup, please call ahead or email us.
  • Beef will be cryovac packaged with type of cut and weight on each package.
  • Each customer who orders a whole or half side of beef will need to fill out a cut sheet to get specific cuts of meat they desire.
  • A normal distribution of cuts is 50% steaks and roasts and 50% hamburg. If you want more hamburg that can be arranged.
  • Of the 300 pounds of a beef "half", 60-65% or roughly 180 to 200 pounds will be meat. Roughly twice that for the whole.
  • Customers who purchase a "half" will receive 3 boxes of meat, 2 of the boxes will measure 18" long by 12" wide by 9" tall, which equates to 1.13 cubic feet each of storage space required or a total of 2.6 cubic feet, each of these boxes will weight about 90 pounds, the third box measures 18" long by 12.5" wide by 6.5" tall which equates to .85 cubic feet and weighs about 45 pounds. For the 3 boxes our customers will receive approximately 200 pounds of meat requiring 3.5 cubic feet of freezer space.
  • We will also offer beef in 30 and 50 pound assorted packages which will include 50% hamburg and 50% steaks and roasts.

Check out our Ordering Details page for more details and ordering information.