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We take pride in what we do and really appreciate the feedback we recieve from our customers. It proves to us that the hardwork we put into Templeton Farm is appreciated.

Below are a few of the notes that we have recieved.

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Notes from our customers:

I wanted to reach out and thank you and Sherry. We had a wonderful Christmas dinner thanks to the amazing rib roast we got from you all. It had amazing flavor and was so tender and juicy. Thank you so much for making our Christmas meal truly amazing.

John S.

Just tried the Templeton Farm marinate on your sirloin beef tips tonight. Amazing! Thanks for the recipe!

Anne and Chris

I was practically jumping up and down, dancing in the kitchen happy after having your Rib Eye's for last evenings dinner. No, really.......I was! Last evening I cooked up three of your Rib Eyes in a 14" Iron Skillet. Pulled at 120ish / rested five minutes. They were perfectly rosy rare just the way we like our beef. The flavor was unmistakeable Templeton Farm / Grass Fed / Robust flavor with a capital 'R'. Juicy....The best damn steak we've ever had, period. Delmonico's and DeStefano's Steakhouses / NYC would have blushed. Thank you Bruce!

David & Rachel

My husband & I just moved to Montpelier from California. We came out to your farm and bought some tenderloins, ground beef and maple syrup. We wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying ALL of them!!! I made burgers with the beef last night and we both agreed that they were the best burgers we've ever had! The tenderloins were also delicious and we are enjoying the maple syrup in some form or fashion every day. We will be returning customers forever so eventually I'm sure we will get to meet you and your family and take a tour of the farm. Your farm is beautiful and your products are amazing -thank you so much for all the good hard work you all put in every day to achieve that!

Kat & Brian

Local, Ethical Meat - Templeton Farms Beef and Maple, Templeton Road, East Montpelier. 100% grass fed and finished, as good or better than organic standards. Bruce Chapell takes the best care of them and when it comes time for slaughter, he ensures that it happens in the most humane way possible.

Jessie F.

My husband recently picked up our beef order. We shared some with my family and this was the response my father wrote back:

"I decided last night to take a chance and make a hamburger from the meat you delivered. It was spectacular. One of the best burgers ever. A little blue cheese on it with mustard, mayo and relish on the roll and I was in heaven. Yeah.....good. I can't wait to get into one of the steaks and continue with the rest during the next ten years!! I am a happy boy!"



I just wanted to write you a quick note to say how much we love your beef!

We cooked up steaks for our family the other night, medium rare on the rare side :-), and I am not kidding when I say it is some of the best beef I have ever eaten. And, we are no strangers to good red meat. I appreciate the work that you put in to caring for these animals and the quality of meat that have produced for my family is exceptional.

Ryan J.

We had some steaks last night. Best I’ve ever had, excellent. Thank you for being here.


My family has appreciated everything about Templeton Farm for years - detailed information about products, a beautiful shopping space at the farm store, and superior meats and maple syrup. Bruce's willingness to educate about healthy farming practices and its many implications have been appreciated and fascinating. At times when getting to a store in town isn't feasible, it highlights how essential it is that we can stop by our neighbor farmer's shop and support this use of land and resources and get the healthiest food for my family. My kids enjoy seeing the cows grazing and moving about in huge pastures and always check to see where the herd is as we drive by - I love that Templeton Farm normalizes a healthy life for livestock.

Katie L.

I love being up the road from Templeton Farm. The maple syrup is out of this world-rich and multifaceted in flavor, like a woody caramel. I had no idea it could be so good. The beef can't be beat, either. I love the chuck roasts for shredded beef burritos and enchiladas. Don't miss the brisket, which makes for the best pot of chili I've ever had.

Danilo C.

We have been buying beef from Templeton Farm for over 6 years, and we cannot express enough how much we love the beef from this farm. Throughout the pregnancies of our two children, my midwives noted how great my health was, they even made a point of asking me where we were getting our beef from. Bruce and his family have treated us like we were more than just customers from the very beginning. They have been happy to go over cut selections with us and even cooking suggestions for cuts we weren't familiar with. They put great love and pride in their product, and it shows with the sight of their happy cows, and delicious beef. They have been a true pleasure to purchase from every year, and we couldn't imagine buying from anywhere else. We're proud to support such an invaluable asset to the community. And on a side note, they also make fantastic maple syrup! Thank you Bruce, and the entire Chapell Family!

Kate and Mike S.

Templeton farm beef is by far the best beef I've ever tasted. I've sampled meat from just about every local beef producer in the area, and in my book, there's no comparison. I'm a food writer by trade, and this beef has been perfect in my recipes, cooked anywhere from rare all the way to well done. Marinated, slow-cooked, grilled, curried...there's nothing it can't do. We started out with just a few pounds of various cuts to sample, and I quickly put in an order for a 50lb box. A month later, my family had eaten half the box! My husband said, only half-joking, that I should get 100lbs next time...so I did. This fall we're planning on putting in an order for half a cow. Give them a shot, you won't regret it.

Ashley A.

Templeton Farm steaks are one of our families' consistent favorites: honest, rich flavor that makes for an effortless gourmet feast.

Norman C.

My family absolutely loves Templeton Farm beef! They think it is by far the best burger and steak they have ever eaten. They always rave about how juicy and tender it is every time we have it for dinner. By far, they think it's the best tasting meat we eat. They wish I would serve it every night! I also love visiting the farm. Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. My son loves the maple hard candies when he comes with me to pick up the meat. It's such a great environment and a fun visit. Thanks so much for all the hard work to serve the absolute best products!

Karen B.

We are looking to order more burger because we have already gone through our last order. The quality and taste is amazing! We cannot eat or cook with any other type of burger now that we have had yours! Thank you again for your great products!

Chuck & Shannon S.